Shuru insists Arsenal were his first love and raise Wenger father

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Shuru insists Arsenal were his first love and raise Wenger father.

Former Arsenal defender Johan Shuru has insisted the Gunners are still their first love and have hailed Arsene Wenger as their second father. 

The Swiss star moved to North London at the age of 16 and has seen player with the potential to become a top defender in the future. But throughout his career with the team from 2004 to 2014. He was unable to hold starting position and was loan to several clubs such as Birmingham. Hanover and Hamburg before joining. Northern Singha team permanently later

However, the former centre-back spoke to L’Illustré, admitting he still has a strong ties with Arsenal and spoke about the good times working with Arsene Wenger and Thier. Henry 2, the legend of the team as well.

“Every club I’ve played for has been. My first love was still Arsenal, where I started playing alongside Arsene Wenger and Thierry Henry, the world’s greatest player. Wenger was like a father. It’s my second.”

“When I moved here, when I was 16, he believed I would have a great career path. He gave me the opportunity to play. trust me We talked and exchanged personal matters when I needed to,” said Churu.