Former Ronaldo ‘not happy’ after losing to Man City

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Former Ronaldo ‘not happy’ after losing to Man City.

Luke Chadwick gave an interview to the website UFABET. He believes Cristiano Ronaldo must not happy. Erik ten Hag’s decision not to allow him to participate in the Manchester derby. at Manchester United were beaten 6-3 by Manchester City on Sunday.

The 37-year-old striker was name as a substitute in the latest game. But he did not appear in front of the fans at all for 90 minutes, which the Dutch coach has reasoned in this regard. He wants to respect Ronaldo’s career, not wanting to embarrass by his defeat.

However, Chadwick believes the reason Ten Hag’s mention is surprising. While he saw that he should send a 37-year-old striker into the field to help the team. Despite shot and broken.

“It was a surprise not to see him play the second half when the team were 4-0 down, of course he turned Martial in and said he wanted the game. But it’s strange how the manager puts his players on the pitch to have more matches while they’re losing the game. Manchester Derby On the one hand, it was a good decision that he came on and scored two goals. He had a great pre-season and looked like a player who could improve in the Erik Ten hag”

“But it’s still strange that Ronaldo didn’t play at the Etihad, it’s even more surprising that the manager reasoned that he wanted to show respect to the players by not playing. stadium I’m sure Ronaldo wants to play and wants to try to make an impact on the team in such a big game.”

“It will be interesting what happens on Thursday night. (Europa League game). Which looks like Ronaldo will get most of the chances in this list. Which was strange to see and I’m sure Ronaldo wasn’t happy. He is one of the best players and wants to play football. Especially in the upcoming World Cup in the coming months,” said Chadwick.