Examples of popular essential oils.

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There are currently more than 90 types of essential oils. Each with its own unique scent and different properties. The essential oils that are most commonly used in Thailand are as follows how to:

Essential oil from ginger.  In addition to drinking ginger tea, it will help relieve nausea. Inhaling ginger essential oil may also help relieve symptoms. This is because one cancer center has experimented with using this essential oil to relieve nausea in cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy UFABET

Lemon essential oil May help normalize hormone levels in the body. The researchers found that people who faced depression Use reduced doses of antidepressants. After smelling the scent of lemon essential oil

Orange  essential oil may help suppress symptoms of anxiety. There was one study that studied this feature and found that A group of subjects inhaled essential oil from oranges before taking the test. The pressure was controlled and there were no increased symptoms of anxiety.

Peppermint essential oil One study tested peppermint essential oil among drivers. It was found that the experimental group felt more energized after smelling the scent of this essential oil. Another study also found that Basketball players who smell this essential oil feel energized and play better basketball.