Causes of acne.

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Acne is caused by clogged pores in the skin. The main factor in acne is the body producing too much oil in the skin. Dead skin cells clog pores. And bacterial infection of the skin causes inflammation. 

Growth hormone changes during adolescence can also cause. As for other factors that are thought to be related to acne, such as diet or poor hygiene. No clear evidence has been found to prove it. However, maintaining health and hygiene It will be beneficial to the body as a whole ทางเข้า UFABET


In general, medicines or creams can be used at licensed pharmacies. You can let the pharmacist help you advise. If there are a lot of acne causes pain. or if you treat it yourself and the inflammation of the acne still does not subside You should see a dermatologist for examination and treatment . The treatment process depends on the type. Symptoms and severity of inflammation It consists of taking medicine, applying medicine, giving injections and various methods of therapy.


Reducing the risk of acne or not causing more acne can be done without touching the area with inflamed acne. Wash your face in the area with no more than 2 times a day. Remove makeup before going to bed to reduce clogged pores. Do not use cosmetics that contain oil. Or use nourishing creams or medicines that help reduce excess oil on the skin. 

In addition, you should not put Tight-fitting or skin-tight clothing To reduce inflammation and irritation of the skin. and take a shower to clean the body. To cleanse the sweat and oil that is secreted each day. Especially after heavy activity that makes you sweat a lot.