Apples are high in fiber.

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Apples are high in fiber and water, which makes them filling. In one study, eating whole apples increased fullness more than consuming equal amounts of apple juice. This may happen because whole reduce gastric emptying. The rate at which your stomach empties. Research also suggests apple intake may significantly reduce Body Mass Index (BMI), a weight-related risk factor for heart disease.

Interestingly, apple polyphenols may also have anti-obesity effects.

Could be good for your heart.

Apples have been linked to a lower chance of heart disease. Research has found that eating 100-150 g/d of whole apples is associated. With a lower chance of heart disease and risk factors such as high blood pressure UFABET

One reason may be that they contain soluble fiber. This fiber is also associated with a lower chance of heart disease.

Another reason may be that they offer polyphenols. Some of these may help lower blood pressure. Studies have also linked high intakes of flavonoids with a lower chance of stroke.

Another study has also linked eating to a reduced chance of stroke.

 Linked to a lower chance of diabetes

Eating apples may also reduce your chance of type 2 diabetes.

A compilation of studies found that eating and pears was associated with an 18% reduction in type 2 diabetes risk. Just one serving per week may reduce the risk by 3%.

The high amount of the polyphenol Quercetin in apples could explain this beneficial effect.